Oracle RMAN and Data Domain

A focus of this blog since 2015 has been the integration of Oracle RMAN with Data Domain.

I should note first I am currently employed by EMC, the manufacturer of the Data Domain backup appliance.

The Data Domain is an advanced backup appliance with inline deduplication and compression, which makes it an ideal selection for making operational backups of Oracle databases with RMAN.

The optional DD Boost option, which moves deduplication from the appliance to the database server accelerates backups to the point where in many cases, a full or level 0 RMAN backup is as fast or faster than a conventional incremental.

The following posts are my exploration of integration Oracle backups with Data Domain.a

Using Data Domain as a backup target for RMAN

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Replicating an RMAN Backupset with Data Domain and DD Boost

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RMAN and Data Domain space efficiency; measuring the impact of RMAN compression and encryption on Data Domain capacity consumption

Restoring and Recovering Oracle using RMAN and Data Domain DDBoost when the catalog is lost