Oracle 12cR1 2-node RAC on CentOS 6.4 on VMware Workstation 9 – Introduction

A couple of weeks ago, Oracle released the long awaited Oracle 12c database, with lots of exciting new features.

A couple of great blog posts have already been done on how to install this, but from what I have seen they rely on Oracle’s OVM technology and/or Oracle Enterprise Linux.

This blog post is a detailed step-by-step of Oracle 12cR1 RAC using VMware Workstation and CentOS 6.4.

Given the high memory requirements for a clean(ish) 12c RAC install, I ended up using my Dell E6520 with 16GB of RAM for the demonstration.

This means the tests were done with VMware Workstation 8. I have re-tested the steps on VMware Workstation 9 and it works just as well.

I have now installed 12c RAC about ten times using various options and configurations. Along the way I have hit various landmines in the process. This guide is sum of that knowledge, and ties to give the reader the smoothest possible install path.

The ten-part post walks through the provisioning of Linux based VMs, the modifications to the kernel and the installation of a Linux based DNS sever.

Finally we install Grid and Database software to complete the RAC system.

To complete the steps in these posts, you will need the following:

* You can complete the install process on a machine with 8GB of RAM, by using two 3GB VMs, but you will likely need to ignore a number of warnings throughout the install process.

The parts are laid out as follows:

Part I – Install the OS. (60 mins)

Part II – Install additional RPMs. (20 mins)

Part III – Configure Linux kernel. (20 mins)

Part IV – Configure additional networking. (20 mins)

Part V – Create the oracle user. (20 mins)

Part VI – Clone the VM. (60 mins)

Part VII – Add shared disk. (60 mins)

Part VIII – Grid pre-install tasks. (60 mins)

Part IX – Grid Install. (60 mins)

Part X – Database Install. (60 mins)

Part XI – Database creation with DBCA. (60 mins)

All timings are suggested and approximate, and assume the reader will diligently follow all steps.

Those familiar with the steps may move much faster. Those looking to try this for the first time may need a bit longer.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Oracle 12cR1 2-node RAC on CentOS 6.4 on VMware Workstation 9 – Introduction

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  2. Awesome article. But why don’t you install on Oracle Linux which is easily available and also a certified OS for Oracle database products. Hope to get a new installation article on 12c on OEL.

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