Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 on VMware Workstation 9 – Intro

A while back I put together a very detailed ten step process to create a simple two-node RAC on VMware Workstation using Red Hat Linux 5.5.

There were already many blog posts on creating RAC systems, including some using VMware, but partly because I felt that none of them were detailed for someone not already an expert in Linux, and partly because I wanted to learn for myself, I created my own.

The Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on VMware Workstation has consistently been one of my most popular posts, and so I decided to see how it would work using Windows instead of Linux.

Windows is a very popular operating system and the backbone of many IT departments. Although it is often criticized by those who prefer UNIX or Linux, Windows has many powerful features, and in departments where it is already needed to run Exchange or SharePoint, there can be many solid reasons for wanting to use Windows to support Oracle instead of another choice.

This ten-part post walks through the provisioning of Windows based VMs, the modifications to the registry and the installation of a Windows based DNS sever.

Finally we install Grid and Database software to complete the RAC system.

To complete the steps in these posts, you will need the following:

  • A host computer with at least 8GB of RAM
  • VMware Workstation 9 or later install
  • 40GB of free disk
  • Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit install media
  • Oracle 11gR2 for Windows install media

The parts are laid out as follows:

Part I – Install the OS. (30 mins)

Part II – Adding NICs, IP resolution and Windows workgroup. (30 mins)

Part III – Registry modifications. (10 mins)

Part IV – Users, Groups and Security Policies. (20 mins)

Part V – Add a DNS server. (20 mins)

Part VI – Clone the VM. (20 mins)

Part VII – Add shared disk. (30 mins)

Part VIII – Install Grid Infrastructure. (60 mins)

Part IX – Install Database. (60 mins)

Part X – Create a database with DBCA. (10 mins)

All timings are suggested and approximate, and assume the reader will diligently follow all steps.

Those familiar with the steps may move much faster. Those looking to try this for the first time may need a bit longer.

Good luck!


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