[INS-41112] Oracle 12c RAC Grid Install error

When installing Oracle 12c RAC, the Grid Installer fails with:

Specified network interface doesn't maintain connectivity across cluster nodes.

This error is caused when the Linux firewall is still operational.

Log in as root, shutdown and disable the firewall on all nodes of the cluster:

[root@ora12a ~]# service iptables stop

iptables: Flushing firewall rules:                         [  OK  ]
iptables: Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter          [  OK  ]
iptables: Unloading modules:                               [  OK  ]

[root@ora12a ~]# chkconfig iptables off

Now retry the Grid installer step and it should succeed.


4 thoughts on “[INS-41112] Oracle 12c RAC Grid Install error

    • Nikhil,

      The INS 41112 error is a generic networking message, so its a bit tricky to track it down. Make sure you can ping all addresses from both nodes and that you have created the ssh keys to share the oracle password between nodes.

  1. Thank you very much. Two years after publishing, your post was very useful. I kept re-checking interfaces and they were all correct, and all links except yours instructed to check network interfaces. Thanks again.

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