Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 on VMware Workstation 9 – Part V

Time Required: 20 minutes

Class Materials:

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Next we are going to add a DNS server to our Windows VM.

The DNS server is needed to support the SCAN address. If you have an existing DNS server available to you, then by all means use it, but in my case I do not, so I am going to create one on my Windows VM.

Open a command prompt and enter the following command:


This opens the Server Manager interface. Alternatively you can navigate here by clicking on the button on the taskbar.

Click on the Roles button, and select Add Roles.

Click Next and then select DNS Server. Click Next twice and then click Install. Windows will now install a DNS server.

Click Close to return to the Server Manager interface, and now click on the DNS Server button to configure the DNS server.

Navigate to:

Roles->DNS Server->DNS->MIMI->Forward Lookup Zones

Right click on Forward Lookup Zones and select New Zone.

Using the wizard, create a new Primary Zone called hadesnet. The wizard will suggest a new file of hadesnet.dns and you should accept this file-name.

On the Dynamic Update screen, select Do not allow dynamic updates and click Next. Click Finish to complete the creation of the new zone.

Under the Forward Lookup Zones you should now see the hadesnet zone listed. Right click on the zone and select New Host (A or AAAA)….

On the New Host screen, enter a name of laboheme-scan which will yield a fully qualified domain name of laboheme-scan.hadesnet. Enter an IP address of and select Add Host.

Repeat this operation to a second host, using the same host name of laboheme-scan and an IP address of

Open a command prompt and check that the laboheme-scan name resolves to the two addresses we specified:

C:\>nslookup laboheme-scan.hadesnet
Server:  localhost

Name:    laboheme-scan.hadesnet

Okay, we have finished the RAC preparations as far as we can go as a single machine. Shut down your VM and make a backup of it.

Then use the VMware Workstation interface to create a Full Clone and name the clone Mimi, or whatever you want to call your second RAC node.

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4 thoughts on “Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 on VMware Workstation 9 – Part V

  1. Hi Oracle Jedi,

    Very nice article. I was very much impressed with it. I wanted to build Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 with GNS (DNS & DHCP). I could not find any article for configuring the Windows DNS server for GNS (DNS & DHCP)

    I have a separate domain server with AD+DNS+DHCP services installed in it.

    Can you please provide me the screenshots for configuring the Windows DNS server for GNS (DNS & DHCP)?


  2. Hi Oracle Jedi,

    I am looking for Windows 2008 DNS server & DHCP server configuration steps for setting up Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC with GNS on Windows 2008.

    I desperately need this doc to setup and test oracle 11gR2 new feature GPnP

    can you please share the same.


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