Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 on VMware Workstation 9 – Part IX

Time Required: 60 minutes

Class Materials:

  • Oracle 11gR2 Database software for Windows

Next we are going to install the Oracle Database 11gR2 software.

To begin, download the two zip files from the MOS and unzip on Rodolfo. Make sure you are logged into Rodolfo as the oracle user.

There are two zip files for 11gR2 Windows 64-bit called and

Having unzipped the files, we should have a directory called database. Change into the database directory and we will find a file called setup.exe.

Open a command prompt with Run as Administrator and run the setup.exe script.

This will start the installer and present the following menu:

Since this is not production I will skip software updates and leave the email address blank. The installer demands confirmation of this stance before proceeding to the next screen.

Select Install database software only. Click Next.

Select Oracle Real Application Clusters database installation and select the nodes Rodolfo and Mimi. Click Next.

At the next screen select the lanuages you want to install and click Next.

At the next screen select Enterprise Edition

At the next screen choose where to install the Oracle Base and the Database home.

At the next screen confirm the choices you made, and if everything looks to be correct, click Install to start the install process.

The installer process will now install the database software on all nodes. The process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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One thought on “Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on Windows 2008 on VMware Workstation 9 – Part IX

  1. Sir,
    Thank you Very Much for sharing your valuable knowledge with us.
    This material posted by you has helped us a lot.
    I have successfully installed RAC on my machine with your Guidance.
    Thank You.,Once Again.

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