Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on VMware Workstation 9

Last week I was in Dallas, Texas meeting with some customers and reminding myself what sunny weather looks like.

I took the opportunity to hook up with my friend and colleague Lester Wells, an awesome EMC guy based out of Dallas, and who is also an expert in all things Oracle.

Sitting in the Champps bar near to DFW, we decided, as geeks are often want to do, to see if the 11gR2 RAC on VMware Workstation 8, the process for which is shown in this blog, would also work under Lester’s VMware Workstation 9.

Two guys, two laptops, a table close to wall sockets and more than just a few beers later, happily it turns out that everything worked exactly the same under Workstation 9, as it did under Workstation 8.

If you’re running under Workstation 8 you can go ahead and upgrade, it won’t break anything.

If you are wishing to create a RAC under your Workstation 9, the ten part process will work just the same.


One thought on “Oracle 11gR2 2-node RAC on VMware Workstation 9

  1. Can you be a little more specific? Is Windows rebooting? Or the Linux VM? At what point in the install process is this happening?


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